Reading and Writing Problems

Treating reading and writing problems
in Ballymena

Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed. Psych NDT INPP JST diagnoses and treats reading and writing problems in Ballymena and the surrounding areas. Book a consultation today!

How to diagnose a learning disorder

Does your child have problems at school? Are they reluctant to attend? Do they have trouble concentrating in class or at home? Are they falling behind their classmates, even though you know how bright they are?
These could all be indicators of learning disabilities and neuro-physiological conditions. Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST will carry out tests and give a definitive diagnosis and treatment at the primal level.
a small girl writing

Improve your reading and writing

Have you gone through life having difficulty with word recognition? Do you have poor reading ability or writing skills? It's not your fault. You may have a neuro-physiological condition that we can help with, whatever your age. We want to break down the damaging myths and stigma surrounding dyslexia and learning disorders. It's not a sign of low intelligence. Reading and writing difficulties are not necessarily genetic.
a child with learning disability

Spreading awareness and fighting myths

If your child has a learning disability, it can be frightening. Here's some good news for you, we can help. With your support, we can transform your child's life.

Talk to us, and help spread the word. Let's dispel the myths about learning disorders.
If you, or somebody you know, has reading and writing problems, call us on
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