Treating dyspraxia in Ballymena

Contact Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed. Psych NDT INPP JST if your child is suffering from dyspraxia.

Improve your child's motor planning skills

Dyspraxia is sometimes called clumsy child syndrome, but it is nothing to do with the ability or intelligence of a child. It is a neuro-physiological condition that affects the motor planning skills of a child.

Like many other learning disorders, its roots can be the result of retained primitive reflexes and a faulty vestibular system. We address these root problems to help correct the condition.
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Symptoms of dyspraxia

A child with dyspraxia will have co-ordination difficulties. They may have trouble concentrating and have speech difficulties. Usually they are very poor handwriters. Very often they suffer from mixed laterality. Left untreated, it can seriously affect education and also employment opportunities in adulthood.

Over half of all children with ADHD suffer from other related conditions. Our treatment can also be effective for people suffering from ADHD or Asperger's.
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Working with you and your child

Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST has a great record of success in coping with dyspraxia. She will work with your child at the Ballymena Dyslexia Centre, as well as providing simple yet effective exercises to do with your child at home. When these exercises are executed at appropriate brain level the symptoms disappear for life.

We serve clients from all over Northern Ireland including Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine, Cookstown, Magherafelt & Enniskillen.
"The transformation is amazing, and wonderful to see."
- Anne McCarron, Belfast
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